We offer an exciting hybrid service for unusual and niche works. A large percentage of our books fall into this category. Our motto is: We’ll take a chance on you if you take a chance on us.

Let’s say you’re writing something that’s of great sentimental value to you, but doesn’t have the numbers to be sold as a commercial venture. Maybe you’ve been writing your own autobiography, or pass on your memoirs to family and friends. Or perhaps you’ve written a novel but just don’t have the track record to prove that you can sell thousands of copies.

If your book’s suitable and the kind of thing we’re looking to publish, we’ll take a chance on marginal works if you’re happy to cover our basic costs of production. That means we do all the things we’d do for traditional publishing, but with value for money in mind. We’ll proofread, edit and typeset your work all at the same time. This is slightly less accurate, but substantially more

You receive up to 100% of the net proceeds of sales until you’ve recouped your initial investment. Once the book is profitable, you’ll receive royalties of 40% on further sales (compared with an industry average of royalties of 7.5% for paperback books). Our hybrid publishing effectively involves:

  • Feedback on your book from a panel of well-qualified expert readers (we can be diplomatic and encouraging, or brutally honest, as you prefer)
  • Assessment of whether your book is likely to be profitable or not and discussion of the appropriate length of print run
  • Cover design
  • 3 in 1 typesetting, copy editing and proofreading
  • Printing
  • Producing designs for banners for social media
  • Press releases and media/marketing work
  • We meet tight deadlines

Some of our authors never truly intend their works to be profitable: they often prefer to raise money for charity or to tell a personal story. At the time of writing, our track record is perfect: every single one of our books (if it’s supposed to) has either already made a profit for the author, or is on the point of doing so in the next couple of months.