We also offer a self-publishing service.

Let’s say you’re writing something that’s of great sentimental value to you, but doesn’t have the numbers to be sold as a commercial venture. Maybe you’ve been writing your own autobiography, or pass on your memoirs to family and friends. Or perhaps you’ve written a novel that you can’t market yet, and you want it professionally produced to a high standard to prove your worth to traditional publishers. There are many more reasons for self-publishing: you could want to retain full control over your work, so that you’re gaining 100% of the benefits of every sale.

Prices start from* £399 for 50 books, or £499 for 100 books (paperback, colour matt/gloss cover, black and white pages inside), and include:

  • Cover design
  • Typesetting
  • Printing
  • Delivery to one UK address

* – based on up to 50,000 words
For just a little bit extra, we’ll offer a more complete VIP service:

  • Personal consultation with our top graphic designer and additional revisions to your cover design
  • Producing designs for banners for social media
  • A full proofreading service
  • Turning your book into an e-book as well as a physical book
  • Copy-editing to your requirements (we’ll make minor textual changes where needed to spellings and grammar, or even to help your work to flow better)
  • Feedback on your book from a panel of well-qualified expert readers (we can be diplomatic and encouraging, or brutally honest, as you prefer)
  • Press releases and media/marketing work
  • If required, we can work to tight deadlines to turn your book around in a hurry

Depending on your exact requirements and the amount of work involved, our VIP service is in the region of £599 – £899 for 50 books and £699 – £999 for 100 books.